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Review: Penelope

Penelope is a 2006 romantic film directed by Mark Palanky and starred by Christina Ricci and James McAvoy.

Penelope (Christina Ricci) is a high society blue-bood girl locked up in her parents' manor bacause se was born with a family curse and it can only be broken if she marries a high society blue-blood man. All the suitors fall in love with her voice but the minute she reveals herself they get scared and run away.

Max (James McAvoy) is a gambler who is hired by Lemon (Peter Dinklage) who is a journalist obsess with Penelope to take her a picture. The young gambler stars having feelings for the young and misterious heiress, so that, Max decides not to work for Lemon anymore and stop seeing Penelope because he isn't a blue-blood and can't break the curse.

Penelope tired of being confined in her house and seeing how everybody freaks out every time she shows herself, she  decides to break free and face up to the world.

could the curse be broquen someday? will Penelope and Max get back together?

It is a really excellent film which talks about self-acceptance and how we wouldn't let others people opinions keep us from leaving our life the way we want to.

I'd highly recommend you not miss Penelope, it will make you laugh, fall in love and think.

Trailer de Una chica diferente

Penelope: Una Chica Diferente Reseña.

Penelope: Una Chica Diferente es una comedia romántica del 2006 dirigida por Mark Palansky y protagonizada por Christina Ricci y James McAvoy.

Penelope (Christina Ricci) es una chica de alta sociedad encerrada en la majestuosa mansión de su familia debido a que nació con una maldición que solo podrá romperse si ella se casa con un hombre de su misma clase social. Por esta razón es sometida a reuniones con distintos Jóvenes de dicha clase. Todos se enamoran de ella hasta que ven su rostro y huyen despavoridos.

Lemon (Peter Dinklage) un periodista obsesionado con Penelope contrata a Max (James McAvoy) un jugador de póquer empedernido para que se hiciera pasar por uno de los posibles pretendientes y le saque una foto. Pero el muchacho se empieza a sentir atraído por la joven heredera y cuando ella se descubre ante el, decide dejar a Lemon, Y a la joven también para no lastimarla ya que el no es de sangre azul y no podrá romper el hechizo que es lo que mas desea Penelope. Entretanto, Penelope cansada de estar recluida y de que todos se asustaran al verla decide dejar la casa de sus padres y enfrentarse al mundo.

¿Se romperá la maldición? ¿Volverán ella y Max a estar juntos?

Se las recomiendo mucho, no se la pierdan. es una Película muy linda y romántica que habla de los prejuicios de la sociedad sobre la apariencia y de aceptarse uno mismo tal cual es.

A Walk to Remember Trailer

Review: A Walk To Remember

The fim is based on American writer Nicholas Sparks' romantic novel of the same name. it is directed by Adam Shankman and stared the Pop singer and actress Mandy Moore and the actor Shane West.

Set in Beaufort, North Caroline, United States. The Film tells us the story of two high school students in their senior year. Landon Carter (Shane West) a popular troublemaker and Jaime Sullivan (Mandy Moore) reverend's daughter, who is selfless, kind, has great ambitions and doesn't care what people think about her.

When a prank to a student goes terribly wrong Landon is held responsible and the school headmaster forces him to do after-school community services as a punishment which include starring as the leading actor in the school play. Also participating in the play is Jaime. Truth is that Landon can't act so he asks her for help. the start spending a lot of time together and they end up falling in love but a heartbreaking put their relationship to the test. Could their love suvive?

I found the plot entirely believable with a very natural dialogue and life-like characters.

I'd strongly advise you not to miss A Walk To Remember. It is not another average teen film. It is a very touching and romantic with a it comedy that I assure you grown-up are going to enjoy too. it talks about true love, fate and compassion. First you'll laugh and then you'll cry.

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